To our Flixster Video US Customers:

As of August 28, 2017, the Flixster Video US service no longer provides code redemption and playback of titles due to circumstances beyond our control related to the unexpected shutdown of a critical vendor.  Flixster Video customers can still redeem codes and access their UltraViolet video collections by linking their UltraViolet accounts to Vudu, another UltraViolet retailer. Consumers who have previously linked their UltraViolet accounts to other UltraViolet digital retailers such as FandangoNow can continue to access their video libraries at those retailers.

A step-by-step guide is available in the FAQ below to assist you during this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your video collection on Flixster Video

What is happening with Flixster Video? Effective August 28, 2017, Flixster Video in the US no longer offers streaming or download of video content and will cease providing digital copy code redemptions.

What happens to my UltraViolet digital copy redemption codes that have not yet been redeemed and my Flixster Video collection? Flixster Video suggests using Vudu to redeem your UltraViolet digital copy codes and to access your video collection. Log in to Vudu, or if you do not have an account already, register at Vudu and link your existing UltraViolet library, then continue to redeem your UltraViolet digital copy codes and access your video collection at Vudu.

What happens to current issues (i.e. redemption, playback, etc.) that I have with my collection on Flixster Video? Vudu brings a new and exciting redemption and playback experience for Flixster Video customers! Using their services should solve the issues you currently have with Flixster Video.

Your video collection on Vudu

When will I be able to view my video library on Vudu? If you already have an account with Vudu and it is linked to the same UltraViolet account that your Flixster Video account is linked to, simply log in and access your collection on Vudu immediately. If you create a new Vudu account, please link to your existing UltraViolet account to access your existing collection. It can take up to 24 hours after you register on Vudu for your video collection to be accessible. To create an account, go to Vudu and follow the instructions on how to sign up.

How do I stream my video on Vudu? Once you see your video collection on Vudu, just click on the "watch" button/icon to stream and enjoy your collection. Go to Vudu for more details.

What about videos I downloaded from my Flixster Video Collection? Your previously downloaded videos are no longer available for playback as of August 28, 2017. You can easily re-download your videos on Vudu. Once you see your video collection, click on the "download" icon.

Flixster Video apps and devices

What happens to the Flixster Video app on my smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or any other device where Flixster Video app is available? Effective August 28, 2017, the apps no longer provide redemption or video playback services, and instead have a landing page that provides you options for accessing your video collection via Vudu. At some point in the future, the apps will become inactive, so we suggest signing up with Vudu and deleting the Flixster Video apps from your devices. Follow your specific device's instructions on how to delete apps.

Why am I not able to download the Flixster Video app on my device any longer? The Flixster Video app for smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and enabled TVs are no longer available for download from all app stores.

What devices can I view my movies on or after August 28, 2017? For a list of Vudu’s compatible devices, please visit

Linking UltraViolet and Vudu

How do I link my Vudu account to my UltraViolet Library, or verify that it is linked?

  1. Log in at
  2. On the top right-hand corner, you will see your "Name" or Account Name.
  3. Bring up the drop down menu, and visit the "Ultraviolet" menu item.
  4. If you have already Linked your UV account, you will see the details of the linked account here.
  5. If you have not yet linked a UV account you will see the option "Create Ultraviolet Library" or "Already have Ultraviolet?", be sure to click "Already have Ultraviolet". Use the same Ultraviolet Account that is linked to your Flixster Video account.

How do I verify that the UltraViolet library linked or that I should link on Vudu is the same one as my Flixster Video?

  1. If you are already logged in, then go to
  2. If not, then log in at
  3. On the top right-hand corner, you will see a person icon with a dropdown arrow.
  4. Bring up the drop down menu, and visit the "My Account" menu item.
  5. You will see the UltraViolet account that is linked to Flixster Video.

    Note: Flixster Video displays the UltraViolet account name while Vudu displays the UltraViolet Library Name. If you have named these two differently, follow steps 1-5 above to go to your Flixster Video UltraViolet Library page, then

  6. Click on "Manage My Account". This will take you to your UltraViolet Dashboard.
  7. Click on the "Settings" option box. This will take you to your User Settings Tab. From here you can see your UltraViolet User Name which should match the UltraViolet account that appears as linked to your Flixster Video account.
  8. Click on the Library Settings tab. On this page, it will show you the Library Name that you gave this UltraViolet account. This Library Name is what should appear on or link to Vudu to ensure access to your Flixster Video collection.

What do I do if the UltraViolet account shown on Flixster Video does not match the UltraViolet library in Vudu? You can merge the libraries via the UltraViolet website. Go to UltraViolet and check out their Help Page

  1. Go to and click on "Help" at the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down to the "Settings" section and look for "Can I merge two separate UltraViolet Libraries?"
  3. Expand "Can I merge two separate UltraViolet Libraries?" for instructions on how to merge your UltraViolet Libraries.

What do I do if I can't remember my UltraViolet account information? You can go to the UltraViolet Login page and reset your password from there.

  1. Go to and click on "Log In" at the top right corner. If you arrived at UltraViolet via another site and are logged in without having entered your password, make sure to log out.
  2. From the UltraViolet Log In window, click on "Forgot username or password?" and follow the username or password reset from there.

For additional questions about Flixster Video, or if you have problems signing up with Vudu to redeem codes or access your video collection, please contact Flixster Video Customer Care